Code Camp Speaker Reviews

One more blog post where I am just linking to someone else.  But again I think the quality of this link warrants it.

I recently attended the NYC Code Camp which was an excellent experience for me and was a very well run code camp.

Stephen Bohlen wrote an excellent article about the review system they used and the benefits it had over other review systems I have been subjected a part of at various events.

As a speaker getting good honest feedback is very hard.  One of the things I really liked about their system is I was able to see my reviews in comparison to the other reviews that attendee gave.  So it helped me put in perspective the feedback I received.  For example if the feedback I get from a particular attendee is much better (or much worse) than the general feedback given to the other speakers then I know it is significant.  If an attendee says all the sessions are great than I know that he is just being nice.

I also received much more tangible and actionable feedback than I normally do.  On a “normal” review I will get one actionable comment (eg The way you demonstrated x was good/bad or if you would have done y I think I would have followed along with z better) for every 50 reviews.  I would say that 1 out of 10 from this system gave me actionable feedback.  Of course maybe that is the difference between New York and California cultures also 🙂

If your involved in organizing technical events or speak at technical events I highly recommend you read the article NYC CodeCamp Winter 2010: Session Evaluation Process, Results, and Conclusions.