Hibernation Enabled in Windows Server 2008

I think Microsoft made a mistake by having hibernation enabled by default on Windows Server 2008 and above.  Hibernation is an amazing feature on laptops, even on workstations sometimes.  However I have never seen hibernation used on a server.

What bothers me about hibernation being enabled is that it creates a hibernation file that is the same size as your memory.  It does this because the hibernation process writes the contents of the memory to disk so that the machine can be powered off.

On physical servers this is not a serious issue because disk space is rarely an issue.  However on virtual machines disk space for each guest is sometimes dialed in pretty tightly and so a large useless file like that can really be problematic.  If you are so inclined it is extremely easy to disable hibernation from the command line:

powercfg –h off

Where appropriate I use a group policy object to run this command on login for my servers or at the very least disable hibernation on VM templates in my environments.