Amazon Releases Load Balancing

This morning Amazon announced the availability of a Load Balancing service for their EC2 cloud environment.  This was announced in conjunction with a monitoring service and a auto scaling service.

First of all their load balancing solution, Elastic Load Balancing, costs $0.025 per hour for each Elastic Load Balancer plus $0.008 per GB of data transferred through an Elastic Load Balancer.  Compared to my previously suggested solution of a Linux instance running HAproxy this is a significant cost savings.  The HAproxy scenario costs $27/month for a reserved instance or $72/month for on-demand.  An Elastic Load Balancer instance costs $18/month.

I’m working on a blog post on how to implement an Elastic Load Balancer solution.  Unfortunately right now the AWS tools do not include the functionality to work with ELB.  This means working with the command line whether you want to or not.  I will have a post up in the next couple of days if my schedule behaves.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Releases Load Balancing

  1. You’re right about the LB being a lot cheaper. Unfortunately it’s pretty limited, and will require some backend work to get it doing things like SSL termination properly. I think we’ll still have to use it in combination with HAProxy.

    CloudWatch is also looking promising, although it’s a 15% premium on a small instance.


  2. Assuming Amazons Load Balancer is stable and performs well I’d make some back of the napkin estimates that it might make sense to move the SSL termination to the web server nodes. Obviously there’s a lot of if’s in there. It will be interesting to see how things play out.

    I think it’s a lot more interesting for IIS farms to avoid having to introduce a different OS to do the load balancing.

    Cloud Watch looks very promising and very expensive.


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